I’m writing this post whilst sitting on the fastboat from Bali to Gili T. I heard many stories about the boats not being safe. But so far so good. And if you read this, it means I got there! :p

Leaving Ubud behind. For me personally, Ubud was a bit too busy. Told you about the traffic in Canggu. Well it was worse in Ubud. Luckily the resort where I was staying was gorgeous so I chilled a few hours at the pool.

At night I went to Jungle Fish, where you can swim in the middle of the jungle, while drinking a cocktail and listen to dj’s or live bands. A must-do when visiting Ubud! I got to know the Mexican band who was playing there earlier and they even invited me to their private party at Jungle Fish the day after. Unfortunately I couldn’t go.

Ubud has amazing beauty to offer. I wanted to see a lot and since I only had a day to do it I booked a private driver who took me to the places I wanted to see. Rice terraces, a vulcano, a coffee plantation, waterfalls, nature was everything I wanted it to be. But very very touristy. They make you pay everywhere, often more than once. Even to see the waterfall. So if you take a tour remember to bring enough cash! I will write more about the tour I did when I get home.

Extremely busy day at the Holy Water Temple, because it was Kuningan Day, which is the last day of Galungan. During Galungan, the ancestors and Gods are supposed to descend to the family temples and have to be prayed to and deified.


Tegalalang Rice Terrace, the most famous and most photographed Rice Terrace of Bali

Thought it was so nice of this little man to pose for my picture, until he asked for money right after.. 😀

Tegenungan Waterfall.

My taxi driver having the time of his life cooking coffee beans :p

Mount Batur, an active volcano next to the Batur Lake

In the evening I went to the yoga barn and took my first yoga class ever. I practised Yin Yoga which focuses on poses held for a longer period. Although my body got really tested and pushed to its limits, I absolutely loved it and felt totally relaxed and happy afterwards. I think I will continue doing yoga when I’m home. After I had dinner with a Dutch girl in a veggie restaurant.
So now I’m off to Gili Trawangan; the taxi driver had something interesting to say about it : no police, no cars, only mushrooms. Ok.

Tomorrow I will start my diving course. I’m both excited and anxious about it but it’s something I wanted to do for a very long time now. So wish me luck!