Why you should cross the Geierlay bridge

Why you should cross the Geierlay bridge

Have you ever crossed a bridge in the middle of nature with pretty views wherever you look? I first laid eyes on the gorgeous Geierlay bridge on instagram. Once I found out it was not that far from Belgium, I decided to book a weekend in Germany!
The Geierlay Bridge is the second longest suspension bridge in the country with its 360 meters at the height of 100 meters. I can definitely recommend a visit cause walking over the bridge is a very cool experience. (except when you have fear of heights, then I wouldn’t do it :D).

Girl with white sweater crossing a long bridge surrounded with pine trees

How to get to the Geierlay Bridge?

The bridge is located in the Hünsrück area and connects two little towns : Mörsdörf and Sosberg. Several parking spots are available in the area but we decided to park our car at the parking lot near the visitor’s center. There are a few hikes up to the bridge from there, obviously we chose the hike through the woods.

Girl with pink backpack walking on a path that leads to a forest
Girl with a headband on looking at the trees in a forest

Normally crossing the bridge only takes 6 minutes. Needless to say we took much longer since we wanted to photograph every corner 😀 After photographing we just wanted to fully enjoy the journey! The area surrounding the bridge is a gorgeous forest. It’s the perfect place to enjoy nature cause tell me what’s more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods?

A hill filled with green pine trees and a grey sky

Side portrait of a girl looking up, but with her eyes closed standing on a long suspension bridge
Blonde girl sitting down on a suspension bridge and looking at the other side of the bridge
Girl with pink backpack standing at the beginning of a bridge

We visited in December, there were other people there, but it wasn’t too crowded. We even had the bridge to ourselves for a little while. If you visit in summer, it can get pretty crowded so I suggest you visit at sunrise then to be able to enjoy it as much as possible.

Long suspension bridge surrounded by trees


Visiting the Geierlay Suspension Bridge can perfectly be combined with a visit to the charming little town of Cochem, which is only a 20 minutes drive away. We were lucky cause Santa was already there and we had the chance to stroll the coziest christmas market I had ever been to.

Castle on a hill with houses and a river at the bottom in the early evening light
Christmas market with lights and little stalls and a grey blue sky

High Fens

On our way back the next day we went for another hike in the High Fens (Hoge Venen). It’s my favorite piece of nature in Belgium! I’ll let the pictures show you why. (and if you want to see what it looks like in winter, you can read this post :D).

A few trees, a stormy sky and a yellow ground
Girl walking on a path surrounded by dry yellow grass
Portrait of the back of a girl with a pink backpack looking up at tall pine trees
Blonde girl standing in the middle of a forest and high pine trees

To me, this weekend spent in nature was perfect. And it’s the proof you don’t always have to go far to find exciting experiences and gorgeous views!