Recharge in the midst of nature : Hotel 48 Nord in Alsace

Recharge in the midst of nature : Hotel 48 Nord in Alsace

The first snow of the year is always a magical moment. You relive that childlike wonder of how beautiful life can actually be. This year Angelique (from ourneverendingwanderlust) and I experienced this magical event in the marvelous Hotel 48 Nord in the Alsace region, which made it extra special.

This landscape hotel, consisting of 14 ‘Hyttes’, combines the best of both worlds. You experience the tranquility of nature through the endless views that each hytte gives you, overlooking the surrounding hills. The beautiful Scandinavian design of the hytte brings you infinite warmth and coziness. A term that might come to mind is Hygge, the well-know Nordic term.


a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being

Located in a protected nature area, Hotel 48 Nord was built with minimal impact on the environment. This is reflected by the materials used (bio-based materials directly from Breitenbach’s forests) and in the way the hyttes are build (they can even be disassembled) But there’s more : the restaurant only uses products grown in its own vegetable garden or from producers within a 50-kilometer radius of the hotel.

The fact that all this is possible gives me hope for the future, as well as for tourism.

Where is Hotel 48 Nord located?

Hotel 48 Nord is next to the French border, near Germany and Switzerland. Driving from Belgium (it took us about 6 hours to get there from Ghent), you can see the scenery getting more and more beautiful. Rolling hills turn into snow-capped mountains with forests full of pine trees.

The hotel is located on the top of a hill of the village Breitenbach. A small but authentic village, a stone’s throw from the better-known cities of Colmar and Strasbourg. Breitenbach is also in close proximity to the Vosges and the Alsace wine routes; so there are endless opportunities to organize a road trip.

Lodging possibilities?

There are several cabins you can stay in : Gräss Hyttes (2p), Tre Hyttes(2p), Efoy Hyttes(2p) and Fjell Hyttes(2 to 4p). You can find all the necessary info to choose the hytte that best fits your party here.

We stayed in the Fjell Hytte, the most spacious cabin which at the same time guaranteed us the most secluded stay. You can’t beat the luxury: here you can also enjoy a sauna and a Nordic bath after your time outdoors.

Imagine this : Waking up to the view of snow-capped mountain peaks. Enjoying a delicious cup of coffee on the top floor terrace. After your morning shower, you walk down to the main building for a delicious breakfast. You enjoy another coffee and homemade waffles and rhubarb yogurt.

Activities in and around Hotel 48 Nord?

Explore the surroundings

Emil, the hotel manager, did everything possible to make our stay in the Alsace region as pleasant as possible. He gave us useful tips on how to best experience the Alsace region. Among other things (like doing a wine-tasting tour), he spoke of a “Disney”-like town that was worth exploring, Riquewihr. This description had piqued my curiosity; so Angelique and I set off. The village is a good half hour drive from the hotel.

Once you arrive in the village, you are catapulted back in time. In this charming village, nestled among vineyards, many old houses have been preserved. When we were there, there was a wonderful Christmas atmosphere in the air, and the Christmas market was also well worth browsing around.

Keep in mind that this village attracts many tourists, so you will not be alone there. A tip, to get rid of your car easily, may be to park it in the nearby village of Hunawihr and walk from there to Riquewihr.

Go snowshoeing in the woods

After the bustle of the village, it was time to retreat into nature and take in the natural beauty of Alsace. There is no better way to take in the splendor of the snowy landscape and quiet the mind than snowshoeing.

From the hotel you can arrange to go up the mountain with a guide in a van and then, slightly higher up, snowshoe. It was my first time, but I immediately loved it. The sound of the snow under your rockets, being one with nature, and not a living soul to be seen. And in the meantime we learned, because the guide told us a lot of interesting facts about the fauna and flora.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable culinary experience at the restaurant

Foodies will certainly get their money’s worth at Hotel 48 Nord as well. The dinner was a real experience: both for the eyes and in terms of taste. I had the best brioche I have ever eaten. Even the butter was sublime, slightly smoked, delicious.

All dishes are made with products from the hotel’s garden or local organic farmers. Freshness guaranteed! When composing the menu, the chef takes his inspiration from the seasons, but Scandinavian influences can also be found. A top culinary experience to be remembered.

Whether you’re planning a road trip, or are simply looking for a destination to retreat into nature : hotel 48 Nord is a gem, waiting to be discovered. Grateful and full of nostalgia, I think back to the beautiful mornings when I could wake up in a cabin with the sublime landscape as my first sight. I wish you equally wonderful moments in the ‘naturally luxurious’ landscape Hotel 48 Nord.