Solo-travel : Yes or No?

Ever since I made the decision to go on a solo trip to Indonesia, people have been asking me questions about the ‘solo traveling’. I will try and give you my perspective and thoughts on traveling on your own, based on my experiences in Indonesia. (btw I did go on solo travels before, so it wasn’t […]


I’m writing this post whilst sitting on the fastboat from Bali to Gili T. I heard many stories about the boats not being safe. But so far so good. And if you read this, it means I got there! :p Leaving Ubud behind. For me personally, Ubud was a bit too busy. Told you about […]

Canggu, a surfer’s paradise

Oh Bali, you blow me away. Days seem to fly by, feels like last night’s sunset was just seconds ago and there you are with yet another magnificent sunset. There’s a really chill, laid-back vibe around here. Lots and lots of surfers. Everybody gives it a try, even the littlest children. Actually made me want […]

Plan B

What to do when your plans to visit your friend in China get cancelled? To be honest, I was kinda desperate. I had been looking forward to that trip for such a long time.. Sometimes I just really feel an ache to travel, it feels like travelling is not just an option, it is a […]